Grade Requirement for Servers should be changed

Anyone else believe that the grade requirement for servers should be changed?

For example:
Casual should be Grades 1-2
Training Grade 3
Expert 3-5

This way more people playing would actually know what they’re doing. Today I saw a grade 2 with 8 hours of flight time on the training server had no idea what to do

Apparently people think “line up and wait” is to wait at the hold short line???

Let me know what you guys think :)

Grade isnt the distinction on how well someone flies or there knowledge its just how many time they can touch there wheels down and off again without crashing. i have seen G1’s better then G5’s.
we need a new way to do the servers other then grades


Generally most grade 1-2’s have no idea what they’re doing, they need to either increase the flight time so they are more familiar with the game than just hopping into ATC servers

I believe most consider this to be relatively new, and it is training server so he’s most likely still learning.

look at expert most people still dont know what they are doing at G3+


Then maybe expert servers should be G4-5??

Like i said, Grade isnt how well someone knows how to fly or use ATC, someone can get to G5 without ever doing ATC so…we need a new way and there has been some awesome requests on #features

Honestly grade doesn’t mean anything. I’ve seen grades 5 acting like they belong to casual


I think there should be more encouragement within the game to watch IF youtube videos and to join up here on IFC. I learned a ton from them.


I agree, like how some games make you play a tutorial before. IF needs one but more in depth

I think that people who are grade 3-5 should be tested on how well they are st the game because I am a grade 3 I use atc mostly but I have been told that I need to check my skills so I think people should be tested on how good they are at flying and using atc and their skills on the game itself

To be honest. I’ve seen lot’s of people that are new to Infinite Flight cheating their way to the highest rank, but they still don’t know what they are doing. There is some people in training that really don’t know how to taxi. This video by JNG Aviation shows that. What HAPPENS When YOU PLAY Infinite Flight At MIDNIGHT!?!? - YouTube

Yesterday I was zipping around Florida on the Casual server. I landed at Tampa Bay and found a little Grade 1 Air Canada 787 going to Orlando. Guy used 100% throttle, and nearly stalled on takeoff. He was going 412 knots at 3000 feet. On the other hand, later, I found another Grade 1 who had every idea on what he was doing. Grades are not based on skill, but experience in the game itself.

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A lot of people flying on training are still new, they still probably don’t know what half the commands mean.

As for the topic, as mentioned above, higher grade does not mean higher standard of flying. If you sit down for 10 hours and do 750 touch and goes you’re pretty much grade 5 yet the only skill you increased during that time is landing at fast speeds in a Cessna.

It doesn’t matter if they implemented a grade 6,7,8 etc, people would just grind landings for them, thinking that the higher the number beside the word “grade,” the better they are as a pilot. Overall experience can’t be judged by stats. However, time spent learning the mechanics of the sim, how each aircraft behaves differently, and learning how to communicate with atc, does.

Like someone said, there could be a quiz implemented. They could study off the short Infinite Flight tutorial videos because that’s what some people do. Sit on Youtube all day. That could be a opportunity. The bad advantage is that people won’t do it because who cares. This is not a university exam. Nobody is going to really bother doing it, if it won’t help them in life.

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So bare with me, what if grade didn’t include touch and go or landing based but essentially every flight mechanic from ground to air was scored. I.e UNICOM use or I guess really from the time you log into the time the flight logs out. I know violation exist and are gauged on most of things done on IF such as overspeeds taxi/air etc. What if it included everything like a real world checkride. Grades to takeoff speed, climb rate, approach speed, use of flaps use of trim etc. Essentially and I am not saying that this is 100% accurate but I could see something to this nature happening.


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