Grade reinstatement after being Ghosted

Today I was flying in the Sydney region(YSCB) remaining in the pattern for a touch and go and got cleared for the option but stupidly enough I called inbound once again when on the final and it’s obvious that I got Ghosted(9N-AKW)I want to apologize to the tower controller for that( don’t remember who it was). Since then I was downgraded to grade 2( I have 44000 XP and was expecting to reach grade 4 soon but poor me!) The only thing I wanted to know is that how and when can I return to grade 3. At the same time while in the pattern approach contacted me to tuned it’s frequency. Aren’t I supposed to remain in tower frequency while remaining in pattern. Was it approach who Ghosted me? Is there any way to know it? And how to let approach know if I am remaining in pattern?


The best way to find out is to PM the tower controller and/or Approach.

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Yeah thats the problem, I don’t exactly remember who it was.

Oh ok then. Maybe the controller will show up and PM you.

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If not wait three days and everything goes back to Normal and all violations and ghosts will be removed


Hey there, do you have a rough time when you was flying so we could maybe narrow it down.

I was in a F-14 remaining in pattern. Approach contacted me to tune to its frequency but I ignored coz I was on final. Tower told me to maintain slowest practical speed but I mistakenly pressed unable but later sent"I am sorry" for that and again stupidly enough called inbound even though I was cleared for the option and was told to make right traffic. As you can see lots of thing happened at once and that resulted in me being Ghosted. And one question, how can I let approach know that I am flying in pattern?

Okay, again if you have a rough time when you was flying?

Also, with the way you’ve said things you’ve obviously got abit overwhelmed, just take a breath think about what you need to do. You don’t need to respond to requests instantly.

If your cleared for the option then just leave it as that, unless you need to go around. Getting your aircraft on the ground should be your priority and then ATC.

your obviously wise enough to admit your mistakes so learn from them too and it shouldn’t happen again :).


Yeah probably that’s the only option. I need to take a breather. I’ll be careful the next time. Thanks for the advice

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@Aman_Karmacharya, I understand from reading your post that you were on the tower frequency but you received an on guard message from approach? Do you have any screenshots? I will try to figure out what happened. We can take this to a PM if you would like so we can close this topic.

Sorry, I don’t have screenshots. The controller(Scandinaviangroup) just sent me a PM and explained me the reason being that I ignored the approach.
I’ll be careful the next time. Thanks for taking concerns of my troubles. Good day. I don’t mind if you close the topic. Things had been sorted out now.

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