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Hey I’ve had to have a break away from infinite flight due to no fault of my own I was grade 3 now grade one minimal violations, anyway of reinstating my grade. To avoid having to do pattern again work within the lower level severs ? Any help would be appreciated as I haven’t really got the time these days to do it, plus I enjoy longer haul flights.

hey, to my knowing theres nothing you can do to automatically reinstate your grade. this happened to me, i took a few months break and got bumped down to grade 1 so i hopped in an f22 and from grade 1 i got up to grade 3 in a matter of one month. yes i know the pattern work may seem like torture to get back to the expert server but its worth it and who knows maybe it can be good practice for your landings since you were away for a while

Completely irrelevant to the topic at hand, no violations were involved.

Unfortunately no, there is no way (as far as I know) to reinstate your grade apart from grinding up that landings.

This made me think otherwise. Sorry about that, and I have deleted my post

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Your absolutely fine, I just wish you only lost grade due to violations as some people just don’t have the time to maintain the hours and landings especially on certain flight paths. I enjoy the experience of the expert sever and always remained professional within the sever, shame really. Maybe something to look into!!

I wasnt understand that typical #general question.
But if you want more grades, just fly. Flying is the best there.

I suggest you read this:

Your grade lowered, due to in activity from you.
To up it back, just fly.


The main reason your grade goes away is because of the 90 day landing and flight time limit. It’s just to make sure out-of-touch pilots who also might be unaware of new game features and rules don’t restart on the expert server.

Out of touch ? Is that not what the user guide is for ! Plus I have over 1100 hours on the sim defiantly not out of touch. But appreciate the reply!

Doesn’t matter how much you have in past.
Reason why your grade low AT THIS moment, is in activity in Live.
Fly… Baby fly…

Yes, this is understood. However as previously stated we haven’t all got the time to do this, I’m getting the gist don’t worry I shall just remove it.

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I understand it can feel quite frustrating but flying at the level of professionalism required on the expert server, especially with ATC requires some level of prior memory. I’ve found myself a bit incompetent after a week or more of not flying so such a long time is a no-brainer. It’s important to remember that you will get there when you are ready.

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It works perfect. Maybe not to your liking every time though, but it works ;)

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Thanks for your assistance anyway, more than kind great community.

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We love everyone there, dont be shy, ask, we are always happy to help.

With love, Shafran❤️

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