Grade reduced to 1 from 3?

Hi, haven’t played in a while, have 64 flying hours, and am grade 3. Played today and im grade 1?

Can you provide a screen shot of your stats table? That will answer your question.

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No, your stats table, like what you see when you end a flight on Live.

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Click on the symbol next to the grade. It says “I”

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You have to have a certain amounts of landings in a certain amount of days to move up a grade. It probably put you back to grade 1 due to inactivity don’t worry it has happened to me before


You need to have a certain amount of landings and flights in a 90 day period.

Adding on to @Kate_Russell, your 90-day landing meter probably reset to zero due to your inactivity.

Thanks for your polite and totally non-condescending answer.

Clicking on the I icon will bring up a table of stats for each grade. Anything orange means that criteria has not been met yet. This is the quickest way to see why you are a grade 1. Most of the time it is from lack of activity, landings, violations, or you got reported.

Everyone is just trying to help and that link is the common post to refer about grades.


It wasn’t written for you, but you’ll note that you still, even after having received the directions for how to get the answer you seek, you have yet to provide a screenshot of the table.

How can we possibly answer your question without the information?

[Edit: Meanwhile, while you continue to not do the simple thing which will lead to an answer directly, everyone is randomly throwing darts…

Do you want an answer?]

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Hi there!
Are you sure that you didn’t get any violations or ghosts? Then that would explain why you are Grade 1 and not Grade 2. For Grade 2 you don’t need any flight hours or landings in 90 days. You have got enough XP for Grade 3 and also enough flights. So the only way why you are Grade 1 is because of violations and/or ghosts.

How can moderators allow this behaviour? Rude, condescending, ignorant and ridiculous. I will certainly not be asking for any help from this forum again.

Sharing a link to a post that answers the question is not condescending. You immediately took it as an attach which it was not. We have also asked many times for a screen shot of the actual stats table and told you how to see what criteria is missing.

If you have no further questions or are not willing to answer the questions we will consider this solved instead of going back and forth.

I ask for no other replies other than the orginal poster. Thanks.


Thanks for your help. I’d already replied that the problem was solved. Really appreciate the responses from Chris and Tim. Keep up the good work!

Needless to say I’ll be covering the abhorrent customer service in a review on Google play and Facebook.

Thank you, have a nice day.