Grade question.

1 week ago, i made 4 violations in expert 19.07.2018 and My violations still isnt reseted. When will it be reseted? Thanks.

Make sure it has actually been exactly one week or more. If you got a violation at 1:00 PM one week ago, it won’t reset until 1:00 PM one week later.

If it has been over 1 week, try restarting the app and log into the Casual server, then log back out. Then it should update the servers and remove your violations.


Still same


It’s 2018-07-27 05:58 UTC right now, so wait a few more hours :)

They will clear for you in little over 2 hours.


Try doing long hauls and more landings it usually will disappear if you do long hauls. Always worked for me!

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I am pretty sure you cannot remove or reset “violations” please correct me if I am wrong!

Thank you 🙏

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No you cannot, it is permanent but it’s effect is temporary


Just to make a few things clear:

  • All Violations you ever gather will remain forever, you can’t remove them so you Violation count is down to 0.

  • But the effect of the Violation, which is pretty much stopping you from reaching a specific Grade or a Server will go away after 7 days. So after a Week of waiting those violation you got 7 days earlier won’t have any effect but will be stored in you logbook.

  • They remain mainly because of giving you a reminder of how and why you got the violation so you don’t happen to remake the same mistake all over again. It is there to teach you a lesson and hopefully now that you know why you got the violation, you will learn not to do the same mistake again instead improve your flying skills :)

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