Grade Question

Hi There, I need help on my grade. Recently I was checking to see if my XP has been going up since my flights on Training Server KLAX-KSFO back and forth. I was wondering If I can get some Staff Help because I am supposed to be Grade 2 not 1. Thanks

We would be glad to assist. Can you provide a shot of your grade table?

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A screenshot of your grade table would help, thanks!

If you would like to find it…

Press “Fly Online”

On the top right, click your name, you will see your grade, click the little I beside your grade.

That is what it should look like :)


Here you go Chris.

Hmm have you restarted the application and your device yet?

What happens if you do a quick flight on casual and then restart your device?

I have actually today. I tried 2 Times. I checked other feeds on if you just fly for some minutes, you’re grade will go back but My grade never went back.emphasized text

Hmm if you look it actually says he has 6 violations (for one day) but the max is 5. There is the issue, not sure why it’s not highlighted though

I’ll try that soon. Can I message you back if it doesn’t work?

Yup too many vios. Couldn’t see all of the data to the right. There ya go @AALCaptainAlex

So what do I do if I have so much vios?

Simply wait and don’t accumulate anymore ;)

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So wait one day @AALCaptainAlex and you should be Grade 2 again. It should be highlighted but for some reason it isn’t . My apologies for this issue.

Ok Thank you.emphasized text

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