Grade problems

When is my grade supposed to be going back to 3 it has been 7 days

In case these violations are the factors holding you back from grade 3, i’d recommend performing a quick flight on an online server, it may help refresh your stats.


Ok I will give it a try and let you know

@Daniel_Olivis1 - Did doing a quick flight solve your issue?

I would say to re - download IF and then maybe they will update or just wait a few more hours because maybe they just haven’t got to u yet.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We would only be recommending deleting and re-installing the app when it comes to major issues such as missing features or bugged textures, not a simple grade issue like this. No point deleting replays among other data when all you need is just a refresh on your grade status which you could so easily do with just starting up a flight.

Deleting and reinstalling the app should be used at the absolute worst case scenario. Do not treat it lightly.

Let’s let the OP reply first. Uninstalling is a drastic measure for a simple grade issue.

Just thought it would help?

Stats related issues are never solved by a reinstall. Additionally, reinstalling is the last option one should be trying.

Best is to always way to see the results of earlier suggestions before adding more, as it generally only make the situations more confusing.

Ok I am sorry. I did not think it was gonna be like this. :(

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