Grade problem

My grade is at grade 2 when I’m a grade 3 I deleted the app and I have no violations that are recent and I tried logging out and logging back in I tried going in single player then going back nothing happened help me pls

ios 16.7

iPhone 8

I don’t believe this is a device or app issue. You say you deleted the app? When was your last flight before your recent flights? You will need to remain active in order to maintain Grades.

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Like @RickG said, you will need to remain active in Infinite Flight in order to maintain your grade. Any extended period of inactivity is only to your detriment. Obviously, life gets busy (boy, don’t I know that 🥴) You don’t have to do any insane ultra long-haul flights, just a few T&G’s every so often ought to be enough to maintain your grade until you can pick back up flying on a more regular basis.

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