Grade problem

Hello. I lost my grade 3. For ave the grade 3, i need to do 30 landings. But when I do a landing (in multiplayer) the number of landings do not increase. I am always at 14.

This is because of the new grade table in v20.1. You can try to restart your app and device and see if your landing accumulate afterwards

This is due to the new Infinite Flight Grade Requirements. Regarding the landings not registering right away, give it some time and it should get counted. The servers have been overwhelmed and even before the update, sometimes even then it took a good amount of time to show these changes in your grade table. Enjoy doing patterns and I can’t wait to see you become Grade 3 again! Enjoy the update!

Read more on the grade table requirements:


Okay tanks for your reply!

Bring up the landings counter in your status bar to make sure the landings are actually being counted. Bouncing along a runway won’t count as several landings, it might not even count as 1 depending on how the system registers it.

As said above, the grade table has changed. As to the issue that your landings are not counting:

  • You must be going slow enough but above 10kts.
  • You must not have landed in the past thirty seconds.
  • One main gear must touch the ground.
  • You must stay on the runway for a bit for the landing to count.

do you think the problem will be solved?

I don’t believe there is a problem. Make sure your landings count and read up on the new requirements to get to certain grades.

And what is landings (90days)

Here I do a landing in Trainning Server. With ILS. It still at 14 landings

Hey Enzo! Just checking back in with you!

Does this issue still occur for you or has your landing count been updated onto your account accordingly?

Hope you’re enjoying this update!


All my landings are updated. the problem is solved. This update is amazing! Tanks you