Grade not updating

Hello I have waited a year to get grade three back and it’s been 365 days since my oldest level 2 violation and it won’t refresh. Anyone know why?

ipad 10th gen:

It’s not 03/20/24 at 14:54Z. That’s still 15 hours away from now.


It’s technically been 365 days because of the leap year but the game probably just increments the year by 1. You could try to do a short flight on casual to refresh your stats and maybe it’ll work.

It said I was grade 4 then grade 3 and now my landings have gone Wayyy down to 38 🙁 I’ve been on vacation and haven’t had time to fly…ugh guess I’m going to have to do some quick hops

Hello @jersey.spotter,

You will need to wait till 2024-03-20T14:54:00Z to regain your access to the Expert Server.

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