Grade not updating

I’ve recently bought Pro again and I was in grade 2, now I’m back to grade 1? Can anyone help

Maybe examine the table? Everything you need to know is there.

Hint: Flight Hour (90 days) Row

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The requirements in yellow must be meet. As you can see, you must have 3 hrs of flying time within 90 days

Your stats reset after 90 days if that is how long you haven’t had pro for. Only way to solve this is to fly! Unless of course, you have had a pro subscription and have flown within the 90 days, in which case I’m sure someone can help give direction on who you should talk to, as I’m not too sure haha…

After a period of time, your Lansing’s and flight time (90 days) go down and you’ll need to keep them high enough to stay the current grade you are. It’s not a major problem you just have to do a few flights and you’ll be grade 3 in no time! I was inactive for months and it only took me a few days to get back to grade 3🙂

Also as people stated above, make sure the requirements in yellow are green. As that means you have kept them high enough to be a higher grade.

haha, I didn’t see it there. I guess I’m blind! thank you for the help :)

  • Safe flying!
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Your welcome!

I would fly something like KTPA-KLAX to get the flight time

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