Grade not showing in pilot stats

Your Callsign

I F A E Eleven

Was your account linked with IFC in-app at the time of the issue?


Version Information

20.2 (468)

Device Information

Ipad 6th gen
IOS 14.1


_Just received the 468 update that included the fix of grade 1 in pilots stats but for some reason the grade does not show in the pilots stats info.

Steps to reproduce

  • Launch IF
  • Spawn on a live server
  • Check pilots stats page by accessing it from the map page

Expected results

Have the pilots grade showing

Actual results

_Grade not showing in pilots stats page

More Information

Able to reproduce.

IF Version: 20.02.00 (468)
Device: Apple iPhone 11
OS Version: iOS 14

Able to Reproduce.

iPad 2017
OS: IOS 14
Infinite Flight Version: 20.02.00(468)

Yes, this is intentional. Their grade will show when they launch 20.2 for the first time.

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