Grade not restored

On 31st December 2019, I got 5 violations and my grade got down to 2. My grade should have been restored on 6 January but today is 7th January 2020 and my grade has not been restored. Please help

Perhaps, you will have wait just a few hours (or minutes), so it can be exactly 7 days since you got the violations.

Something similar has already been explained to you by a fellow member in one of your previous topics:

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I would wait until the 8th only because time zones are different. The system probably runs in another time zone.

It runs on UTC/GMT/Zulu when it comes to violations/reports etc.
The date is however local… i think. I need to contemplate on that for a while.

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Those replies are related to time. It was fixed but this one is not. The Zulu time will be the same after 1 week and even 1 year. I think it’s another issue.

No, tap the where it says “5 violations” and you’ll see what time you got them.

You see :)
The time is 11:24 UTC now. So in a little less than 6 hours.

But I got that on 31st dec and today is 7th jan

January 1st = Day 1
2nd = Day 2
3rd = Day 3. etc.

I think you get the idea :)

Ok I got that