Grade lower then yesterday


After the outage from this morning I can’t fly on expert, because the grade requirements suddenly changed. Any news on when this will be resolved?


Hello! As shown on the forum, the server is currently having issues but rest assured, your stats are safe and they are working on a fix.


Hey , also me I don’t know why my grade become lower suddenly

I’m guessing you didn’t read.


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Thanks for the kind response. I was wondering if there were any updates because the last one was 5 hours ago. No point replying if you don’t have anything usefull to say.

For FloridaAvGeek, thanks

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We want to have some security of stability first before we venture into that issue.
We have received confirmation from the service provider that the outage was due to an issue on their side, but no additional details yet which makes us want to play things a bit safe until we know more.

Once we have more information on it, we will publish it.


@Olivier999 and others with this issue.

Try a short flight on any server now and see if it improves after.

Affirmative, I got my grade back

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