Grade Levels Different - Infinite Flight vs. Third-Party Apps

looked around for posts relating to a small discrepancy I’ve detected, found nothing of the sort.

Was issued my first Lvl.2 violation this year, I’ve yet to log-out/log-in, but checked my profile page and still shows Grade 4. Verified w/in my grade table, I’m not above any req. to be downgraded (i hope). However, IFATC and LiveFlight are both listing me as grade 2🤔, anyone care to input on this rather minor but nonetheless evident detail?


Liveflight is not perfect, it has to load and find many many aircraft
and it can be not accurate

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The Infinite Flight API is outdated from the 19.4 and 20.1 grade and reporting changes. The API will only recognize your grade under the old system than the current up to date one.

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does IFATC rely on the older grading scale as well?

The IFATC requirements follow the new grade table. Live-flight doesn’t look at your in-app grade. Instead, it calculates your grade based on your overall stats. Since their forumla is outdated, I recommend referring to the official Infinite Flight app when determining your grade.

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double checked my in-app stats, they’re holding at Grade 4, yet somehow even IFATC (which i now understand follows new grading) has got me at Grade 2.

Were you referring to If so, I apologize; the IFATC requirements follow the new system. may or may not.

The Infinite Flight app is going to be correct over any websites you might find; it is the only official place to find your stats, if I’m not mistaken.


@Ecoops123 is correct. The API (which, if not, all sites and apps uses) uses the old method for grade so your grade on those sites/apps may vary from the real grade.

If you are applying to ATC they will ask for a screen shot of your stats table for verification which is current.


appreciate your inputs @lucaviness & @Chris_S. My query has been clarified, if moderation wishes the thread can be closed.

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