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Hello, I have a question?
I was a grade level 3 and was able to play on expert level now I can’t and I was down grated to level 2. Is anyone having the same issue.

Check your stats, it is possible you do not have enough 90days landing count or you have too many violations. If possible, send us a screenshot.

Here is my status

You don’t have enough landings in the last 90 days

You need 1 more landing to return to grade 3. You need to have enough flights that land to continue to maintain your grade.

I’ve been landing all day lol.

Andres A. Rivera

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Yes lol, but you need enough landings for all 90 days (3 months)

You may need to restart the app


Andres A. Rivera

As in force quit it and open it back up again to force it to refresh.

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You meet the requirements for grade 3 but not for the total landings in 90 days. You’re currently 5 away from what I show. So you could go fly some patterns and land at least 5 times. Then that should bring you up to Grade 3. Keep in mind, you’ll have to maintain those landings in order to keep Grade 3.

Why is it different on your end vs on his end? Could it be that he did a huge T&G session exactly 90 days ago? That would explain why he’s been landing a lot and not progressing, because the older ones are falling off at the same rate.

I just had 14 now I’m down to 10 landings.

Andres A. Rivera

Try flying with multiplayer selected instead :)
Last recorded flight on your account was December 6th.

Stats does not accumulate to Solo flying.

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Best step:
Do a pattern work using a Cessna, and you will go back to grade 3 anyway. If you’re a maniac like me, spawn any aircraft you want at casual, then fly like the one AviatorDan tolds you.

Thank you all.

Andres A. Rivera

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