Grade level

Hey fellow pilots today I got ghosted sadly , meaning grade3 when down to 2 .
Will my grade go back up after a week or 24hrs? How does that work thanks

Exactly 7 days after the time of the report you will return back to grade 3:)

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Awesome thanks!

Yes, exactly 7 days

So will it go up just next Tuesday or will it go back up like the actual time …?(on Tuesday)

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The actual time it happend

Yes, if happened 9:31, you will have your grade back at the same time of the next week

Ok perfect thanks

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Good luck!

Thanks , you too !

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Thanks!, is ok if a mod close this topic?

I mean since there was an answer/solution yes it can be closed

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@schyllberg you Can close this topic

Yea you can close it !

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Alright good luck

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I’m grade 3 at the moment but I’m almost G4. Say I get ghosted and I’m G4 will I still be able to fly in the expert server.

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Only if the ghost doesn’t make you fall below G3

Any ghost will drop you to G2 no matter what rank. G4/5/3 you will go to G2.


Oh well you will only be at grade 2 for about a week

And you will have to fly w/ The TS1 noobs and trolls;)