Grade Level

How do I get to Level 2?

Is there some limit of how many planes I have landed or something?

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When your in fly online click the top right where it shows your name then hit the i by grade level and it will show you the requirements

You should click on the little ℹ️icon in your accounts settings, next to your grade and you can see the requirements

It should lead you to a chart that shows your grade and the requirements for the second grade!

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hi @Kevin_James, check out your grade table by clicking on Fly Online, and then on the top right where it shows Grade 1 > the grade section with have a little “I” that you’ll tap on. This screen shows what it takes to get to the next grade!

As mentioned just now by @SkysTheLimit87… hopefully my part will help you get there haha

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Im there and next to Violations/Landing for my grade it says 42.40 212 violations/ 5 landings , for grade 2 it says 1.00

What does 1.00 mean?

It means you can’t have more violations then the number of landings you have @Kevin_James

Hi, Take a look at this topic to understand better on how to read the new grade table :)

Also it’d be great if you could screenshot your grade table and post it here so we can see what you are lacking in terms of reaching Grade 2.

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I really need help flying

Someone please help me

I tried to look at Youtube tutorials for flying on IF, doesn’t help me

What specific do you need help with?

If we could get a screenshot of your grade table, that would help. In the meantime you need 208 more landings.
See #tutorials for help in game :)
Any specific question we’d be glad to answer

Altitude, speed, and takeoff and landing

Hi Kevin,

If you are confused about how to fly in the sim, the tutorials are the only thing we can suggest you take a look at. If you need any further help PM myself, a moderator or a staff member and we will help you further in this situation.



All that depends on the length of your route, aircraft you are flying and etc…

Is there any specific aircraft and/or route you need help with?

That varies on what aircraft your flying, what is your favorite plane to fly?

Guys, this is getting out of hand. Take this to PM as the question about grade level has been answered. If the op needs further help as I said he needs to contact one of us, a staff member or a moderator.

As for you Kevin please read and do what I said above.

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How do I post a picture from my phone to here? @Sammy_Droubi

When writing a reply, in the bottom right there should be a box with an arrow pointing upward, Tap that and select the proper options from there

Before we end this off, i’m curious to know what his grade tabel says about his landing count for the past 90 days, reports if any and etc… there might be more that he is lacking in to rech Grade 2, maybe…?

After we are sure about what requirements he is missing, PM it is :)

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Ok I don’t have USB next me so I can’t really post the screenshot but I can tell you

XP- 23,065

Fligh time - 41H05MN

Grade- Grade 1

Online Flights- 858

Landings- 40

There are two thing i’m wondering about…

  • Do you have any Reports?
  • And what is your Landing (90 Days)?