Grade level upgrade

I’m on grade 2 with a combined level 2/3 count of 4. Supposedly, shouldn’t I be on level 3? Please review my account N965HK and adjust accordingly. Thank you.

Have you tried restarting your app? It usually does the trick when you get violations removed.

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If the above does not work, a short flight on casual or training server should reset your grade table.

I refreshed your account and am now showing you a grade 3. Please restart your app and report back please. Thanks!


Welcome to the community, hi man, I know you also saw posted page group a member on Facebook, too. But, I am so sometimes my game Expert a few short times slow. Only I am still Causal Server many times. Welcome to IFC.

I see what you’ve done, and I’m grateful. Thank you so very much for the rapid response. N965HK

So appreciate you Captain.

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