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I am a level one but can’t seem to get to a level two. I was this L2 in the beta app and everything was fine. I’ve been flying for over a year and can not seem to move up. Is my account stuck on this level?

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Are you referring to your grade within the app?

Hey there!
Can you provide a screenshot of your in-app grade table?

Settings > Account > View Stats

Game or on here?

I think he refers to the app.

Welcome to the community! Please provide a screenshot of you grade table from the Infinite Flight app.

Here you go:

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You need less Violations/Landings.

Basically what this means is you have done something “unsafe” and were punished a lvl 1 Violation. Common ones are above 35kts GS on taxiway/ramp above 250kts IAS below 10,000 MSL and doing aerobatics in an airspace. Do slow and steady Touch and goes to bring landings up with minimal violations
Here is a good topic that explains it. Inquiring About Violations


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