Grade Level Issue

Hello! I have a quick question.

Unfortunately due to oversleeping I was put down to grade 2 for too many speed violations. The first three were on Sunday, November 28th(1 weel ago exactly), the most recent 3 were on Friday, December 3rd. This put me over the limit of 5 for grade three. On the Sunday morning violations, it was 11:48Z. That time has already passed and it has been a week, but I am still grade 2. Is there an issue that can be fixed? Or am I wrong about something?


Have you tried restarting your app? That has worked for me in the past

I have multiple times, but still hasn’t worked.

I also just tried again but it didn’t work.

Can you send a picture? If your grade table. If you don’t want to send it here, you can send over discord

Do a quick flight on Casual - that should do the trick!

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I’ll send here so that anyone who wants to see for help can!

Hey there!

If you are trying to recover grade just do a quick flight on any server and that will reset it.

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I’ll try it right now!

GUYS IT WORKED!!! Thank you so much!! Back to the skies I go!

Just a few mins.

Just a very quick one you can maybe do one pattern

Can I give you both a solution?

You can give which ever one you feel you want to. ;)

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