Grade issues

Hey guys,
yesterday I was at grade 4 but all of a sudden I went down to garde 1 for no reason. I have been flying a lot lately and I don’t understand why I’m a grade 1.
If you look at my stats i should be a grade 4image

May we see a screen shot of your grade table for more information?

Here’s it is:

You have too many violations compared to landings.

I yeah, I can see that. I have to get more landings now

Yes, so you have 708 violations/313 landings which is causing the problem. I suggest you take a cessna and fly touch and goes in a small airport to increase your landing number.

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Thanks for the help, I’ll do it. And be back in the server in no time. Although I think those violations came when I had just started IF so yeah. I was pretty bad then but thanks anyway!

So, you said you were grade 4 just yesterday?

Shouldnt this topic belong to support??

Yes I was, not gonna ligh