Grade issue

I was reported by Users for having the Display name of “God bless”. I can understand issues surrounding this I appologize for offending anyone. However my problem is that after I was reported I lost my grade 3 status. It says I am grade 2 but…it lets me on the advanced server. However haha once I get in to the advanced server and load the airport a message comes up saying I do not have the grade to be on this server (very weird).
The really weird thing is that the main menu says I am still grade three. Can someone explain why this issue between reporting me and faulty readings on my device? It literally says I am grade two when the main page says I am grade three. According to the game main page I should be allowed in to the advanced ATC server…sorry if I’m not being clear.


Try restarting the game or your device, but know that your grade will go back up soon!

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Restart your device to see if that works…

Also please avoid using names like that. It bugs people.

Also, welcome to the community

Hello welcome to the fourms! I have a few things that might help you fix your issue.

  • Sign out of your live account and sign back in

  • Reinstall application

  • Restart or shut down your device for a minute

  • That’s all I got for you

Yes indeed that USE TO happen in the last update.

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Thank you guys for the help. Whether it works is another issue but I love seeing how fast people were willing to help.

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My XP went from 16580 to 1000 immiedatly after. How could I lose 15,000 XP for being reported?

It may take a few hours for the server to update the grade on your profile.

Are you sure you were reported by users? I believe you were reported by the controller at KSAN earlier today.

What’s your IF display name (DM me if you’d prefer not to say it here).

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Can I DM you? I feel like it would be more effective then if I just said it and had people arguing. And I was ghosted I found out but I know I was doing absolutely nothing wrong, at least not to my knowledge. So do you have a way to make our convo private? I’d prefer not to be spammed if people knew my call sign haha

I want to start off by saying that I am not a pilot in real life everything I have learned about flying has been on this simulated I am not fortunate enough to have a simulated in my home because I can’t afford it therefore I half to fly on my android tablet today I was flying in the Denver region I had just took off I dropped my tablet while and after I took off this was the first time I had done this but needless to say sombody reported me I was ghosted and dropped to a level two the being ghosted was one thing but being dropped back to where I can only fly on the other servers is very disturbing I always obey the rules and exercise good airman ship on the server other than a couple of speed warning also because the way I half to play I have kept a pretty clean record I trust that some one will look into this for me please so I can continue to enjoy the game


How do I get ahold of them??

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Also when I went and looked at my stats I see the it says max ghosting three days and I have a one checked there and in the ghost for one day box what does this mean?

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Can you please take a look into this I understand the need for ghosting I
really do but I think it should be reserved for people who have no care or
understanding for rules

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@Jason_Lambeth You need to wait until it wares off.

You were ghosted by a Mod who was flying in the region. You were exceeding the 550kts under FL400 speed restriction that is in place on the ADV server. If you have any further questions, please DM @Mark_Denton, he’d love to discuss this in depth with you.