Grade issue

Whenever i click on the grade table, my app shuts off and closes. Does anyone know how I can resolve this, also my landings aren’t going up for some reason and I’ve stuck on level 2 even though I have done way more landings than required.

The sudden drop in grade is due to the new Infinite Flight Grade Requirements. Regarding the landings not registering right away though, give it some time and it should get counted. The servers have been overwhelmed and even prior to the update, even then it took a good amount of time to show these changes in your grade table/account. A work around seems to be restarting your app and starting a new flight to see these changes. Enjoy doing patterns and I can’t wait to see you become Grade 3 again! Enjoy the update!

Read more on the grade table requirements:

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@Balloonchaser his issue was that he couldn’t access the grade table itself within the application

I have this same issue. Just be patient so the app can get some time to breathe a little. :)