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Hello Infinite flight peoples,
My account has been pushed down to grade 1 from grade 3 for a year and I don’t even know why because it won’t show the specific violations. Is there any way to get my level back up or to somehow fix it. Thank you!

Please refer to the grade table inside the app, accessible by clicking on the information icon in your profile. Everything in orange shows you what you still need to reach the next grade. Feel free to post a screenshot of your grade table and we might be able to clarify something or point you to a specific tutorial that will explain in detail what you still lack.


If you check your Logbook you will be able to trace any ghosting and when they took place and why. Posting copy of your grade table will also help us to give you guidance

You can also look in your log book and cycle through your flights, there it will tell you what your violations were.

Can you post a picture of your stats screen?

It could be because of inactivity. If I stop flying for 2 weeks I will be pushed to grade 3.

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You mean his “Landing count for the past 90 days” or something similar is missing due to inactivity?
That could be the case, which is exactly what’s holding me back from reaching Grade 5…

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Hi Michael,

One of the few common factors that play into a grade drop recently is due to the violation/landing ratio. If you have more violations than you do total landings, then this will affect your grade. But if you have more landings than you do violations then you’re heading in the right direction.

If you’re that person who doesn’t receive many violations, then the landing count in the past 90 days may be the other source for this grade drop.

Below you’ll find an outlined version of the grade table which explains each item line by line and in some cases what you want to do to improve. Check it out and it may answer a few more questions/concerns that you may come across. But in the meantime, it might be helpful for us to see your grade table so we can have a clear understanding with regards to your issue that you’re experiencing.

Without this information readily available to us, it can be challenging to help you out to the best of our ability.

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