Grade issue

I got violated and went back to grade 2 and for the past 7 days, it says I![IMG_1538|690x62]have 10 violations okay so 7 days past and my grade is not back and my violations are not half than my landing count and I have no ghosts.

IMG_1538 IMG_FB27AF6E9E3F-1|690x387

If you can help me please reply I’m really sad I cant fly on expert.

You have 10 violations in the past week. That’s why you are Grade 2 and not Grade 3. You can only have 3 violations in a week to be Grade 3. After 7 days, the violations will be gone and you will be Grade 3 again. Fly on the casual server for a bit and you can fly back on the Training server

EDIT : Ah, now I get you. Yeah, a flight on the casual server should fix that. If it doesn’t tell us.

Hello! Could you please go try to fly for a little while on the casual server then go back and check? Thanks :)

Like do a flight? Thanks for the answer :D

A short flight on Casual should fix this issue. IF sometimes needs some time to refresh the user data :)

Thanks, Starley! Hope it fixes it :D

It worked :D Thanks!