Grade issue

Hello there, i was flying from RPLL to LAX and when i woke up to drink water i check my IF and it says you do not have the required grade to fly on expert server and when i press ok i didn’t get any violations on my flight rating and when i check the grading table i saw 3 violations. I don’t know how this happened because i’m grade 5 and i was cruising at FL350 M.85 B777-300ER. Its really disappointing :/

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There are multiple possibilities here, did you lose internet connection, did you go into a stall and so on? Ultimately, you are the pilot in charge and without good details of what might have happened it’s going to be hard to say whether or not there was a glitch or bug. Have a look here though:

I have good internet issue and i didn’t stall at all. My plane was cruising when i saw the you do not have the required age to fly on expert server. When i press ok i didn’t see any violations on flight rating and when i check the grading table it says 3 and i dont know how. I’m grade 2 now.

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I didnt get a violation because i also went to liveflight and my violation count is the same so dont know why i got that message.

Can you provide a screenshot of your grade table?


I didnt get a violation but i dont know why it says 3. I swear.

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You must have breached a speed threshold either on the taxiway, below 10,000 feet or during cruise.


That’s really impossible because my speed was 250 while climbing and i was taxiing at 20kts. If you could see my history and flight rating you will see that i didint get a violation.

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You must of picked up violations in the last 7 days somewhere. It shows “3 violations in the last 7 days,” read the link that I provided from Mr. Shelton and that is about all we can do from here.

Yes i got a violation a week ago but that was a week ago and i already got back to G5. Even liveflight says i’m grade 5 and my violation count is the same.

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Try restarting the app. You can also sign out of the app, sign back in and then do a short flight on Solo. See if your Grade restores. There is irrefutable evidence in your Grade Table that shows you have violations.

Look im grade 5 in liveflight.

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Sign out of Infinite Flight restart the app and do a quick solo flight. See if it changes please and thanks ;)

Nothing happen. If you could check my flight rating history please check it because it says 0 violation and yes i got vio last week but that was last week and im already back to grade 5 for 3 days. I reinstall the app and nothing happen. :’(

Going to close this for the time being. Please be patient as we look further into this.

The grade table clearly shows 3 violations.

These are assigned by computer code, and are not simply arbitrarily assigned.

Unless you have a screenshot of the HUD when they were assigned, there’s no way to say “see, I wasn’t doing anything wrong”.

Since you weren’t even looking, you cannot possibly say with certainty that you didn’t receive the 3 violations that are clearly there.

What you’re attempting to say is “I wasn’t watching, but even so, I know for a fact that nothing happened which I couldn’t possibly have seen to give me a violation.”

Just wait until they’re gone. But don’t ask that we throw logic out of the window.