Grade issue

More than a week ago I got a violation for over speed, so I went down to grade 3 but I’m grade 4, so what can I do? Please help!

I know some guy had the same issue, but I didn’t follow him

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Can we see a screenshot of your grading table?

Are you certain that the 7 days has transpired?

After your week time ends, you go back up to whatever grade you were previously…


Can you try reposting that? Doesn’t look like it worked.

It seems like your image didn’t upload correctly, make sure to not have any other text there until after your image uploads. You can also check the preview box ;)

Yes I am ! It’s been over a week

You still have too many violations. Look at the Orange zeros in the Grade 4 column. if you are sure that 7 days has transpired, sign out and relaunch the app.

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I’m sure that it is over 7 days, I’ll try that

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Already done that, but it still shows I’m grade 3

What is your current username and callsign?

Julian Aguirre: UserName
Eithad 310: Call sign

Your violation was on 10/12…