Grade Issue - Solved

My level 2, Level2/Level 3 Violations for 365 days are now only 5. But still, my grade has not been leveled up from 2 to 3.

Presently Level 2 Violations less than 365 days: 4
Presently Level 3 Violations less than 365 days: 1

For level 2 violation to decrease further I need to wait for 51 days… please help me as per the violation policy I must be grade 3 now.

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Do the rest of your stats meet the requirements? As in do you have enough flight time and landing in the last 90 days? Possibly could you share a screenshot of your grade table?

yes more than enough

Spawn on casual and despawn again, restart the game and it should work

i mean you clearly have 6 violations

Actually, that needs to be updated… statistics a couple of days back showed a total of 6 violations but the recent one just passed the 365 days mark and now I am left with 5 violations only! So, to this, I must enter grade 3.

You tried this?

yes did not work out

Try restarting the app, device and maybe log out and in again

Okay, sir will check and if it works will close this thread! Thank You!

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Let’s hope the best. If it works just mark the post as solved

Yes, it worked, I am now in grade 3!!!

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