Grade hours

Hi a little confused as to why whenever I reach 10 hours of flight time I loose a landing and my flight hours.

Hello, do you have any sort of proof? like a picture of your grade table or anything?

Previously I had 19 landings and 9hrs 46 mins which would allow me to move up to Grade 3. However, 4 hrs disappeared and my landings dropped to 14.

The first time was 4-5 days ago when I hit 10 hrs, my flight time reduced to 8 hrs and 37 mins and my landings dropped to 11

That’s flight time / landings in the last 90 days, you need to stay active to get grade 3.

Solved! Many thanks. As I hit grade 3 I lost it cause I lost the flight hours

No. Most likely, you did those landings 90 days ago, and now that those 90 days are up, the landing count and hours goes down.

Easiest way to read the grade table is as follows:

  • The time specified within the parentheses ( ) indicates “within the last days/months/year”. These numbers under your grade for these rows will be dynamic and will constantly change based on your activity.

So for flight time its within the last 90 days. Level 3 violations in the last 7 days or last 1 year. And so on…

Hope this clarifies!