Grade help and understanding

Hi guys I’m back I should be a grade 2 and I don’t know why I’m not could y’all help pics are coming soon

Here are the pictures

Your violations to landing ratio is higher than the requirement.

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You just need a few more landings without violations. 7 more landings to be exact


Hey! I linked a really helpful tutorial on understanding this.

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Just do a few more landings on casual.

FYI, since you have such a high ratio, violations are given for

  • overspeeding the aircraft (red HUD bar)
  • exceeding the speed limit of 260 under 10000ft
  • taxiing faster than 35kts except on a runway
  • holding on a runway for over a minute without ATC
  • performing aerobatics, such as going inverted or pulling high G forces, over an airport, or under 10000ft

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