Grade hasn’t changed

Hello. I am about to do a flight. I was ghosted the a week and a few hours so I believe my grade should be back to normal. Can I just get that checked?

Hey! I suggest trying a small flight and earning some xp and then check your grade! As @Daniel14 said the servers usually take a few hours to realize you’re not ghosted anymore.


Usually a flight on casual will help it or sometimes the system for grades takes a few hours days even to reset.

Okay it should allow you back on, if not give it a few days. If you are one hundred percent sure it’s been 7 days then give the app restart and fly for a few seconds and earn XP to try and update your stats

Like the guys above said, just do a small flight. That will get your previous grade back.

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Ok thank you. Happy flying


Anytime, glad to help!

No problem, have a nice flight!

Glad to be of your assistance today. Happy Flying and smooth landings.

Let us know what happens after doing a 2 min flight. Or if you choose to wait it out a bit.

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when i turned grade 2 it changed to me immediately so it does take time for it to change in other people’s screens to be honest with you.

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