GRADE from 2 to 3

Hello, I have been waiting for more then a month or 2 , to be on grade 3 again. Please help me check.

You can’t have 6 ghosts in a year to get 3 back immediately

You will rise to Grade 3 once exactly one year from your oldest ghost has past.

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As per the picture says you have benn ghosted 6 times in less than 1 year. but as per grade 3 requirements there can be max of 5. reports are done by either IFATC or moderator.

solution for you.

  1. scroll your logbook. and find when and by whom you were reported. and contact the peraon directly. he will surely help you out.
    That can be pretty tiring if its long time back to search in log book also if the person who reported you might even remeber the incident.
  2. wait till its exactly 1 year has passed since the 1st ghost. so it should go away from your log book. and you should be good for grade 3.

also A moderator can further help in this. :)

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Hey! You have 6 ghosts in the past year. The maximum ghost in the past year is 5 to be grade 3. You will have to wait till the exact date the first ghost in the past year happened till you get to grade 3. Hope this helps!

We just pulled up your stats @Yash_Bhavsar. I will shoot you a PM to discuss.