Grade error?

I’m playing on my ipad mini 4 and trying to fly the fnf on the expert server and i am unable to as it says i have too many violations but it still says i have access to grade 3.


Spawn into an airport on the casual server and do a quick pattern.

That should get your landing count to 67, giving you access to the expert server :)


As @Transport_Hub said try to get one more landing. You must have more that a 1/2 ratio, and you have exactly a 1/2 ratio of violations, and landings. The new requirements are listed here:

Expert Server Requirement Changes

We’re aware of this slight miscalculation on the grade table and will have it fixed fairly soon. One more landing as mentioned and you’re good to go.


Just do a pattern anywhere on TS (I’d recommend with an ATC tracking thread or no ATC) it will take you 10 mins at the most and since you only need 1 landing you will be there in no time