Grade enquiry

Hi everyone I have the requirements for expert servers but I’m still not in grade 3… do I have to wait 7 days?

Yes, sadly.

As the limit for a week is 5 and you currently have 9 violations.

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You seem to exceed the number of 7 days level 1 violations. can you send a picture of the violation history?

You’ll achieve Grade 3 once the overspeed violation received on Aug 12, 0416Z wears off i.e by Aug 19, 0417Z - provided you don’t receive anymore level 1 violations till then.

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Yeah these violations are for same reason… the over speed, this is because my device freezes when trying to lower by auto pilot and I wont be done on time. And thank you everyone for helping! I’m excited to join the experts in a few days. I’m starting to practice landing without hud!

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looking forward to welcoming you to the ES!!

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