Grade Dropped

The amount of lands I’ve had to complete to maintain grade 5 have increasing became scary here’s a summary.

Sunday dropped back to grade 4 I needed 2 landing to be back I had 183

Monday grade dropped back again I needed 176 I did 10 landings 191.

Tuesday same thing happened this time I’m at 171 and I did 10 again I hade 181 didn’t think much of it

Then today I had decided to cancel a flight and it said grade 4 when I went back to Home Screen it said 145
and I need 35 landings to get back to grade 5.

I’m worried that this going to continue on to tomorrow and that I will drop to grade 3-2 help :(


Your landing count is based on the amount you’ve done in the last 90 days. Let’s say you did 20 landings on a single day 91 days go, those won’t count anymore. So it’s very likely that you did quite a few landings more than 90 days ago.


Adding onto Chris, you can remedy this by having a huge session every day, as that is what is needed to get on Grade 5 again, maybe 20 landings every day.


Alright I will keep that in mind thank you very much.

Alright I will start doing 20 landings a day thank you very much.

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