Grade dropped from 4-1 due to issues

I was trying to set up for a LH from Auckland to honolulu during the Pacific Sunday ATC sessions, and I kept having issues with the program after take off. The app kept freezing, I tried to restart it, then decided maybe I’ll just restart the phone. When I did, I guess the game kept going after take off and sure enough I got 6 overspeed violations! I was working SO HARD to make it to grade 5 all I needed were more landings then boom. Grade 1. So disheartening. Is there anyway to fix this? If proof is needed I can send a screenshot of my entire log showing I haven’t had a violation in years! Anyone have any thoughts or options?
I really love this game and expert server is my favorite because the realness of the ATCs provided. Not looking at starting over again



I’ve reviewed your account and have removed these violations from your record.

These violations were a handful of only 4 since 2016. I appreciate the genuine and sincere effort to follow the rules. I see you’ve just joined us here on the forum so I’ll ask that in the future you try your best to provide any technical information possible in the #support category to include steps to reproduce any bugs. We have had no confirmed issues through testing to date but would love to investigate further with more information in these cases.

Happy flying on your way to grade 5!