Grade dropped because of report

Ok I got reported and that was because “I wasn’t following ATC instructions”
Wow, just because i was 100 feet off of 2000 feet.
Cool, wonderful, no wonder this game is doing so great, now I’m gonna spend another 67 hours trying to rank back up, because totally i have plenty of time for that.
You know they should call it short flight because how easy it is to get ranked.
And ATC does such a great job!

.now what.

Go into your logbook and find the name of the controller, and then PM him. You can discuss your report there.

Thanks amigo

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youll get you grade back after 7 days FYI

You should’ve PM’d the Controller instead of making a topic.

Next time please take a look at the thread below before making a topic about it.

Please check the name of the controller and tell us so we can help you identify your controller :)



Anyone know this amigo?

You may contact @Juan_Oosthuizen.

Discuss with the controller and keep an open mind.