Grade didn’t go up

Device: iPad Pro
Operating system: current
I got to grade 3 but it still says I’m grade 2 and when I try join expert it says I’m grade 2 (I opened and closed the app multiple times)


You’ve also received numerous violations today and the past few days which would be why you’re currently Grade 2.
Once these expires, you’ll get back to Grade 3.

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Keep opening and closing the app and in 7 days you’ll be grade 3

oh wow that’s awkward? Also is there anyway I can get unbanned from the discord? I said a curse word and when reading the rules I didn’t understand what it meant by no cursing due to the way they said it so I said a curse but just found out that it gets me banned… can I get unbanned in anyway?

No. What you said and how you acted is not something that should be clarified as a curse word. It’s common knowledge.