Grade degraded?

I was on grade 3 and I’m now on grade 2 and I have 92+HRS of flight time

Device info
iPhone6+ iOS12.1.2


Hi, you’ve got too many violations compared to landings to be grade 3, you need to keep on flying and get more landings. To get into the expert server you need to do at least 6 more landings. I would recommend going to an airport and doing some pattern work and touch and goes.

You need to increase landing to bring down the landing to vio ratio. I would recommend doing touch and goes and should get your grade back!

Happy landings and a Merry Christmas!

Everyone has correctly pointed out that you need landings, it should appear that you need 3 landings to be more specific.

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He has 22 violations. With 3 more landings he would have 41 landings. He needs 44 to get to 0.5, so he needs 6 more landings

Actually, you are correct, I calculated in the wrong direction, whoops 😬.

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