Grade Chart


Does anyone know all the requirements for each level? Since I can only see one grade and not all. Since the new update of the grade chart.

Hi there, scroll down through the pics in the linked post. Tyler has a picture of all of the grades before changes were made.


Okay, Thanks!

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☝️ That is the pic you should be looking for 😊


It should show beside it no? Also this belongs in #support

It should not, i’m not asking for support. Its just a question.

@anon41771314 it’s fine here in this category. It’s a general inquiry ;)


Ok, Mah bad.

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All good, no worries.

Also, that grade table Should be a seperate topic so everyone knows the requirements

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It can be found in the topic linked above made by Tyler. The topic title is “How can I find my Grade Table”. I typed in grade table with the search function and it was the second or third topic that generated.

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