Grade changes

Hi I play infinte flight and I should be a grade two but it says im an grade 1. I have all of the requirements to be on a grade 2. I also only have 2.25 violations. Can you please help me figure out what the issue is and fix it so I can try to do the fnf on the training server again. Thanks

Do you mind posting a screenshot of your stats sheet because it may just be a small discrepancy

yes i can do that.

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Can you scroll down on your grade table and show us the other stats too?

You have too many violations per landings. Do a few more landings without getting more violations and you should be all set.


That’s it right there

Looks like the ratio is a bit off. 2 more landings and you should be good to go :)

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Few more landings to even out the landing/violation ratio and you should be good to go

Ok thank yall so much

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