Grade changes randomly and is different across devices

Bit of a interesting bug here, certainly not game breaking but I figured I’d note it. I have two devices that I can use for IF, an iPad Air 5 and an iPhone 15 Pro. I’m normally (and should be) a Grade 4. However, I opened IF today to test something and I was Grade 5. This persisted upon flight start, upon ending it, and upon rebooting the game. My 12-month landings are being shown as my 90-day landings.

I then went onto my iPad and it showed me with the correct stats.

This has happened before, and when viewed by other pilots I was G5 (here’s a screenshot from @Altaria55 where I was flying with my iPad). Flight trackers have me at G4.

Once I opened the game on my iPad, my phone went back to normal - as I said, not gamebreaking but interesting

Device: iPhone 15 Pro and iPad Air 5
Operating system: iOS 17.4.1 and iPadOS 16.1.1


This happened to me too when the a380 came out it should get changed in a few hours

Did they confirm that?

Well now that you mention this, I’ve been experiencing a similar issue. Usually I’m grade 5 however sometimes especially more recently I’ve been going down to grade 4 but my stats still meet the grade 5 requirements. The really odd thing is this will happen mid flight but not all the time. I’ll restart the app and everything is back to normal. Not sure if this really helps but I’d thought I’d mention it since like I’ve said I’ve experienced something similar. Might help the team figure it out to let them now you’re not the only one experiencing something strange with the grades.


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I noticed my landing count has decreased; I thought they got rid of the 90-day requirement

They did for G1-3 but it’s still present for 4-5