Grade Change?

Could someone explain why I’m not grade 5 anymore? Also what is the Violation/Lansing 12 months mean

The reason why you are not Grade 5 is because you haven’t got enough landings in the last 12 months compared to the amount of violations you recieved.

As Captain JR said, do some T/Gs!


Also to complete Starley’s comment, this is a ratio between your violations per landings you have done. Check out this topic if you haven’t ;)

There are some changes aswell on the grade table which may explain why you were demoted. You can refer to this topic below ;)


Do a couple of Touch and Goes to fix that. If you exceed your landing count by more than 50% of your Violations then you’ll be back on track (Grade 5).

Check how many Landings you have in total and and how many violations. Then you know how many more landings you need to get back to Grade 5 again.


So I have 799 landings and 0.11 violations. Isn’t that 50%

When there’s something orange in your stats means you don’t have something reached or too much violations/ghostings.

Btw, the violations in about 12 months is new


No, this isn’t the 1/2-ratio in this case. You have 799 landings. Multiply this by 0.05 and you will get around 40. So the amount of violations you may have in the last 12 months must not be more than 40.

Your Violations (In the last 12 months) divided by Your Landings (In the last 12 months) must equal 0.05 or below. :)

Thank you, I’m now aware of what I need to do. :-)

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