Grade and landings

Hi all. The Landing requirement to go from grade 2 to grade 3 is confusing to me. I have been on IF for years and I can’t go on the expert server until I get 30 landings in a month?

Here are my stats. Seems like a there needs to be a combined algorithm taking into account total stats as opposed to highlighting landings. Just my 2 cents.


It’s 30 landings within a 3 month rolling period.

It says 30 landings in 3 months ;)

Yes right. 30 in 90. Sorry.

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I mean, you’re close!
When the update came out, I got bumped to Grade 2 bcs I had recently renewed my sub. I was 30 landings short of Grade 3.
But hey, an hour of pattern work in the 737 BBJ at KDFW later, I did 30 landings in one session and I’m grade 3 again!


You just need to keep doing 1 landing every 3 days to keep it at grade 3, that’s easy… it’s more difficult to keep the 180 landings/90 days to keep grade 5

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Life is different for me in this pandemic so tough to get landing time. Sucks I can’t join the expert server because I’m short a few landings. Should be a better formula. Anyway…


To elaborate, I’m in the medical profession so I am able to periodically get on expert server to practice approaches with ATC etc but even doing 1 landing per week can be challenging. Time and focus intensive. Anyway no big deal.

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just get 11 more landings

Yo !

Have you tried touch and goes?


^^^^^^^^^^ right there

Um yes. I know how to get the score. No time. That’s the problem. You would think with 6,550 hours, 4.2 million XP, zero violations, and 3,273 landings I would not need 11 more landings to get the “privilege” to be allowed to join the Expert server. Other holistic score factors should be considered, that’s all I’m saying.

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One thing we use in medicine, clinical trials for example, is a “composite score” as opposed to singular measures. It’s more informative as an indicator of reality. There are some simple algorithms IF could use to smooth credentials and permissions. IF folks are smart so maybe they could consider this suggestion. Or in the bigger picture they don’t care, and I get that too.

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You can pull 180s and land every 30 secs on casual you know, in F22 or something

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