Grade 6 and expert server

I was wondering if there would be a grade 6 and if grade 4,5,6 could be in the expert server while 1,2,3 in the casual and training server because nowadays since infinite flight is expanding i suggest that grade 3 will become a part of the training server because they do not act professional. This is my suggestion i am not hating on any 3rd graders. Or infinite flight could change the way 3rd grade works by being 70,000xp

I think it’s more "case by case" scenario. I’m grade 3 and I find myself to be one of the better pilots on the Expert server. Grade level is more about dedication than skill level really…


I disagree, grade 4 is not easy to achieve. Most people on the expert server are grade 3 and it would cut a big section of the player base out. Many grade 3 users including me happen to have grade 4 stats except for landings in the past 90 days. For some people it is hard to maintain the 100 in the past 90 days. Just my two cents though.


There are many great grade 3 users, it would be unfair for them in a way. I think if players get more than 5 requests per week to "check forums for help using ATC instructions " then they get disqualified from expert for a week. Something like that.


maybe they should change it to 70,000xp or smtg

I’m grade 3. I have about 950hours of flying time, 750.000XP and less than 100 violations and 0 ghosts. Should I be disallowed the Expert Server?

I can tell you that this is entirely untrue. I have seen Grade 5’s who pushback without permission, taxi through the queue and takeoff without permission, while there are Grade 3’s who behave perfectly. Above grade 3 is just a measure of your free time.


Xp doesn’t show how good you are

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i know but it means how much experience you have!!!

Not really, you could do loads of 16 hour flights, have 500K Xp and not know what go around means.

My gut tells me there are many grade 4 users disguised as grade 3, somewhat due to landings needed to maintain the level or a simple speeding violation with no interference that set them back 7 days. Perhaps if the 7 day penalty was softened the grade 4 pilots would be more visible. I have two violations on 404 landings and for 7 days I was a grade 3 because I got a bit distracted during a flight and descended through 10,000 just over speed and couldn’t recover in time.

With that said it seems that the real violators who act unprofessional are being ghosted often enough that they will eventually fade away from the expert server…


Grades starting at Grade 3 do not represent a pilots skill.

Example: The only reason I’m not at Grade 5 anymore is that I simply don’t have the time to keep my landing rate up. That doesn’t mean I lost the skills. There are many Grade 3 pilots with more than 1000h flying time and 500‘000XP.

You would exclude skilled pilots just because they don’t have as much time as others.

I don’t see why we need an additional Grade 6 and I don’t like skilled Grade 3 pilots to be excluded.


This is a reason why I think this is a bad idea. I am grade 3 myself due to the landings per 90 days. Can you imagine if a lot of the expert server traffic was to disappear. It would be almost empty.

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Well i know that there are some grade 3 people out there who act professional but what if they were to take a test to be able to get into these servers

I’m 3rd only have nine violations over 3 months and i take it seriously that’s not necessarily fair assumption.

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A test to get into Expert Server has already been declined by the staff.

I highly disagree with this idea. I’m a grade 3 but would be higher if not for school, so I can’t fly as much. by changing the expert server criteria to your idea, we would get rid of some trolls but also remove some pilots that actually follow the rules. no vote

EDIT: Also not to mention you cannot request 2 features in one topic which you have appeared to have done. please follow these rules. thanks

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I feel everyone here has the general sentiment that its unfair lol.

The fact that people make these kind of posts is beyond me…


I’m sorry you had a bad experience while flying but this request wouldn’t make it better.