Grade 5

Never thought I’d be this close, but a couple more weeks ought to do it!


Just do some touch and goes and a few more hours of flying


Yeah! I’ve been doing 5-10 of them every night almost. …usually at some little remote airfield where I don’t get in anyone’s way.


Keep going. I never thought I would make it, but I kept flying, and then next thing I knew, I was there. Don’t think about it, just keep flying. You’ll be there in no time :)


Thank you! Lol I’ve been doing my touch and go’s with either the C-172 or the 208. Those two work best for me…especially on the shorter strips.


Tijuana is especially challenging since there is a mountain to fly around when turning from base to final for runway 09.

Cool. I did the same in the 172. Then I switched to the F-16C. Normally at KNZY. I do a majority of flights in the F-16C, you get a lot more XP hand flying.

Whoever thought of making the runway markers visible through obstructions was a genius! 😂

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Yea you can also see planes through mountains lol. Cant wait till they fix that.

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I’m WAY ahead on XP but thanks for the advice. As for the fighters…I’ve tried them a few times and haven’t had alot of luck. When I do manage to land one without cracking it up, it’s never pretty! Lol

I don’t mind that so much, but all I can see are the place holders…the little squares that tell you where they are.

…or what direction they’re in

Is this worthy of a thread?

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Main reason I started using the F-16C was that I could navigate the pattern much faster than the 172, which means more landings in a less amount of time. Plus I wanted to learn how the fly it also lol. Takes a while to get it but eventually it becomes easy. Just have to really watch your speed.

You can land the 172 a lot more often than the F-16. Idk what kinda patterns your doing lel

I would say that hard work pays off, but if you’re anything like me this is definitely not work! Excellent record, you’re almost there.

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Just made it about an hour ago!!!👊 😆 👍


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