Grade 5

Just achieved level 5 today. Yes!!
My family think I’m crazy for all those late nights building up those hours and landings.
Wondering how many out there are at
level 5 now.


good job

something i will never get :(


I don’t ever want to be level 5 as it means I would have to spend my whole life on IF maintaing the grade, grade 4 is okay with me. Congratulations none the less I hope you enjoy it


Yeah grade 4 is ok for now. Little by little though I will be Grade 5.


Nice Job!

I received my Grade 5 about 2 weeks ago and it feels really good having it ;)


I’ll probably get mine in another 8 months. I got live in March and got grade 4 June so I’m estimating in about 8 months.

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Good job 👍 only grade 3 here 😅

Yay! Please take the poll :P

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I’m 42hrs of flight time away from grade 5… 42 loooong hrs😅

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Congratulations. I’m only grade three though. 😞

Congrats (:

Thanks so much! Yep a lot of lunch hours went into it. Lol

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I hear ya. The last 30 hours take for ever.

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Good point. Wish it wasn’t so easy to get bumped back to 4. I doubt I’ll be able to keep level 5.

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😂😂😂 I fly during work hours so don’t worry. I feel ya (:

Maybe I shouldn’t post this 😂


Let the man enjoy his celebration

or women

At least your not flying and driving at the same time. Lol

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Well its good having grade 5 I suppose, I am grade 4 but lately I am more time in grade 2 than in grade 4 for annoying ATC in Playground just for reasons I dont really know, but congrats to you anyway.

Great Effort Buddy!!!

Lol that’s true 😂