Grade 5

Hey guys!

Can someone advise me with details on how many more landing I need to get to grade 5?

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Not many. I’m not a math magician but I would say 20-30

Hmmm try doing some pattern work at LHR on casual

Honestly I’d wait for the vios to come down
I don’t really care about being a higher grade
U would probably have to 26

For Grade 5 you need to improve your Violation to Landing ratio (over the last year) to 0.05 or less.
If you don’t make new violations, you need 23/0.05 = 460 landings. So, unless I did my math wrong, you have a few more touch and goes to do…


Let me do some maths and we’ll see…

I got 461 landings


Usually you need one more landing after you reach 0.05

You need 148 landings! Almost there!

I got 460 landings total.
All I did was 23 (violations)/x (landings) = 0.05 (ratio for grade 5), which then gets you 23 = 0.05x, and then 23/0.05 = 460. 460 - 313 = 147
You’ve got a few landings to go…

23/x = 0.05 | multiply both sides by x | 23 = 0.05x | divide by 0.05 | 460 = x | 460 - 313 = 147. If @Plane-Train-TV is right about needing one more landing to get 0.05, then it would be 148.

If you divide 23 by 460, you get 0.05. So there you go! :)

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Got it! Thank you so much!


You are very very close Like MrMrMan and Plane train said probably -20-30.I have 726 landings and 0.21 is my Landing vios ratio which has been like that for 3 months

Just use a calculator and divide your Violations by Landings and just trim it so that it only includes the first 4 characters
23 / 313 = 0.07348242811
And trim it to:

continue adding landings until your get 0.05. Good luck! 😃

Thank you!

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I just made grade 5 yesterday and that was holding me back!

But what they said, you need 460ish if your violations don’t cancel out!


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