Grade 5 trolling now at EHAM


I’m currently controlling on the TS at EHAM.

A grade 5 (user BASTIW GER-ALLIANCE, flying as Ryanair 4 2 0) is trolling (not taking orders, answering only ‘stand by’ while doing touch and goes in the opposite direction to traffic flows etc.

Can a moderator do something about this?


This is TS, nothing can be done.

Hello, there is unfortunately nothing we can do considering this is on TS.

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I have seen threads on TS trolls in the past and moderators have said ‘next time it happens, let us know’ - so I did.

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That’s true, however more than 90% of those threads were events.

See my reply to BravoCharlie.

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MaxSez: “Grade 5 trolling on the Trainer!” It’s just goes to show Grades mean nothing. Kiddies will be Kiddies, even the long the short and the tall. What was that malcontents screen name again? The Shame he/she gets a pass… Max


These words are more true than you could ever imagine Max.


The truest words in IF live history


An IF grade is just a number… no meaning behind it…

The weird thing is GER ALLIANCE is a thing the whole name is German alliance they have an insta and some people on the IFC have GER-ALLIANCE in their name

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I think they can be liable for removal from the server. When you start up the flight it says that. So if I am not mistaken, only a staff can intervene. Not sure about this although I am aware that little can be done since it is TS.

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Grades=Free time. Has nothing to do with skill or how serious that individual takes the game. This is proof.


Amazes me how someone can rack up all of that flight time, and more importantly all of those landings in order to achieve grade 5 and still not take the sim seriously. I suppose it takes all kinds to make the world go round.

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TS stands for Training server, not Trolling Server. People have been penalised in the past for trolling on the Training Server. If this is serious trolling which is having a major impact on the user experience then mods can and should dispense some form of appropriate punishment. It is however important to remember that not everyone on TS will be perfect. People who make mistakes should not be mistaken for trolls.

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